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In any house, apartment, and commercial premises, such as an office, a kitchen is at the heart. It is one portal where family, friends and work colleagues can gather and enjoy a bite to eat and socialise. The kitchen is simply a place where you cook meals but it has to offer something more. Modern kitchens can consume space as equal to a dining room, or just a place to relax for a while. We can help in reworking the kitchen design and can do the kitchen installations of all kinds.

Whenever there is a need to seek an expert advice on the kitchen extension, replacement of kitchen installation Onstruction can always be of help to transform your kitchen, dining area, and cooking booth into a marvel and only place where you do not only cook meals, but a perfect sanctuary designed to fulfils the diverse needs of you, your friends, and family.

Onstruction deals with the full installation process from start to finish, covering replacing the existing units with the new ones, fitting sinks and kitchen cupboards, wiring up appliances and disposing of all debris so it doesn’t clutter up your home.

When it comes to design and development of the kitchen, many people struggle to understand the target beneficiaries of the design and the resulting kitchen, this is why Onstruction offers a dedicated service for the kitchen design according to the space availability and people who will be utilizing the space so that design matches their mind-set.


  • We can help in the space saving, and utilising appropriate spaces for utensils, cooking range/oven, stove, and kitchen appliances

  • We can fit the custom designed countertops, marbled, wooden, alloy coated and even tough-glass professionally

  • Professional installation of air-conditioning in the kitchen as well as heating

  • We can help in fitting cabinets, drawers, sink, and installed dishwashers even refrigerator in appropriate place

  • Kitchen flooring, vinyl, wooden, tiled, or marbled flooring to match the cabinets, countertop to given the entire kitchen a uniform and consistent look and feel

  • We do perfectly the, kitchen flooring, vinyl, wooden, tiled, or marbled flooring to match the cabinets, and countertops

  • So say goodbye to your old, outdated kitchen, from concept to completion, Onstruction can design the kitchen of your dreams

With the new design of the kitchen in the home, office or large commercial facilities such as designing a cafeteria, it is guaranteed to offer and provide all with a lifetime of enjoyment while increasing the value of your biggest investment in the premises. To many designers, kitchen design seems quite a simple task but there are always many things to consider before making any major kitchen design decisions.