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Roof Installation Process: A Step by Step Guide

Roof Installation Process: A Step by Step Guide

Roof installation has always been a complex process and needs some serious attention. Roof is the most vital part of any property for some reasons. The beauty of any building would be incomplete without a proper roof installed. Roofs should be installed and maintained in a way that with stands any kind of climate. Without the services of a professional roofer, the process could almost be impossible. Roof installation is a complex process and requires several steps to be undertaken wisely. Since a properly installed roof can add value to the property, it should be done with care. The detailed process of a new roof installation is discussed in the coming lines.

Framing your roof is necessary:

Whether you are installing a new roof or repairing an existing one, framing your roof is very crucial. This is the final shape of the roof that goes up when the process is complete. Having a proper frame in place is necessary because without the proper frame, the roofing process could be hectic and may lead to many future problems.

Properly assess the existing shingles:

The most essential and rudimentary step in roof installation is the assessment of the current roof. A proper decision should be made whether to remove the entire old shingle or some parts should be re-used. Doing this can assist the estimation process and could bring forth the exact amount of budget to be spent on roof installation. The purchase of new materials and using the existing materials, if any, should be made at this stage. If there is need of tearing off some portion of the existing shingles, be sure to remove it properly because the protruding nails can damage the new roof surface.

Insertion of sheathing:

The first and most important protective layer to be installed is sheathing. This is a solid layer where the materials of the roof are attached to the frame that is designed for the roof installation. The selection of best sheathing is necessary as it provides the foundation for the best roof installation. The best sheathing is often consisting of wooden panel which is designed with care and precision. These wooden panels are attached to the frame of the roof.

Swearing in the under layer:

After putting in place the sheathing, the next step is the installation of underlayment. This is the second and most important layer of protection. The material from which this layer is made is known as roofing felt. The roofing felt looks like paper tar and is the actual product of asphalt. The most important function that this asphalt product performs is the protection of the roof. This is mostly done for waterproofing the roofs.

Applying the outer cover:

The final step in roof installation is appliance of the roofing cover. The shingles from which this outer layer is made is known as roof cover. The selection of this outer layer should be made very wisely because this act as the first line of defense against the weather changes. Selection and proper installation of this cover is necessary as it brings the safety of your roof.

Roof Installation Companies near me:

If it is the installation of a new roof or the repair of an existing one, the selection of reliable installation company is vital. A lot of problems can be avoided by employing the services of a professional roof installation company.
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