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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and as such receives a lot of use and abuse throughout the years. At some point, its plumbing and plumbing fixtures may wear out, the fixtures will become outdated, and your bathroom’s functionality may not be able to keep up with your growing family or your lifestyle changes. This is when most people start to consider a new bathroom design for their home, offices, and large commercial spaces.

No matter what your bathroom design goals are, Onstruction is a team of construction and interior design experts who are professionals in combining construction with the full-stroke aesthetics. Our team of architects & designers can envision your dream bathroom and can effectively design, redesign or remodel the space guaranteed to fulfil your needs and be aesthetically pleasing. At Onstruction we implement a holistic concept that one size never fits all. In this way we ensure that answers to all the design specific questions are answered properly, and we create any room in your home, particularly the bathroom with creativity and innovatively. Our expert bathroom designers have absolute access to the latest and the best in bathroom products from all the leading manufacturers in the area. We are happy to pass our knowledge and bathroom design tips onto you.

Key Bathroom Design Features:

  • The Design overview and walkthrough (where we discuss the layout choices available to you and types of products to consider)

  • Digitally designed 3D visuals of the designs and schedule of work involved (a video board showing all your products and suggested finishes)

  • Custom flooring plans for bathroom to match interiors, and changing moods (it shows the layout of the bathroom with all key products plotted)

  • Interior inspiration images & finish suggestions (featuring client specific products)

  • Custom quotes to match your budgets with a variety to material to get the concept turned into reality (this phase details all the products and accessories we can supply)

  • Technical specifications along with the costs (this discussion involves revising the quotation, installation as well as care & maintenance guidelines)