About Us

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Onstruction is a London based repairs and construction services company engaged in building services of all kinds. With a capable pool of engineers, contractors, interior designers, building fitters, and equipment installers we work from the initial concept level to get all type of repairs and building maintenance tasks done with perfection.

Additionally, we offer custom refurbishment, property construction, house extension, and design changes implementation in an existing structure without disruption. Whether it is a small room, or a small restaurant, grocery store, a house, an apartment, or small offices, Onstruction delivers the best.

Our key services fall in the category of:

  • House extension

  • Property repairs & maintenance

  • Electrical and Gas installation, repair and scheme re-work

  • Water supply scheme installation and rework

  • Bathroom & kitchen installation, extension, or rework

  • Woodwork, doors, windows installation, modification and rework

  • Aluminium installation, loft conversions etc
  • We bring over a decade of experience among each service category. As a smart and intelligent construction company, Onstruction ensures reliability and consistency in all we do. We also serve general contracting on projects throughout the United Kingdom, using our proven subcontractor vetting, scheduling and quality control processes.

    Our total life-cycle building services:

  • We combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices

  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards in Cost Control

  • Professional Service for Private and Commercial Customers
  • 15 years’ experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

      Pre-construction concept, design and development support


      General contracting, construction and building completion


      Post-construction refurbishment, finishing, mechanical and take-off maintenance services


      Years on the Market.

      Completed Projects.

      Skilled Professionals.